Wealth Management

What is Wealth Management?

Wealth management is no longer a financial service only suited for those with millions of dollars. While wealth management can be a convoluted term, wealth management incorporates all aspects of assessing, maintaining and/or positively influencing your financial status. Wealth can be managed through different services including financial planning, portfolio management, tax plans, and more.

Comprehensive and Continuous Wealth Management

Portfolio management, a type of wealth management, is an important and ongoing process of determining where your assets should be allocated based on your goals. Like most things in life, your investments are subject to change over time. As your portfolio shifts and fluctuates, it’s vital to have a qualified expert overseeing your investments to keep them on target with your personal goals. Our team of wealth management and financial planning experts can assist in periodically rebalancing your investment portfolio. Angell Capital Management offers full-service portfolio management and construction.

Having an expert to manage your wealth and craft a future financial plan is beneficial in many ways. Whether you are sending children to college, wanting to give to charities more often, planning for retirement or simply looking for ways to earn a more passive income, wealth management is a service worth exploring.

Another important aspect of wealth management is how to best spend the return on your investments. The financial experts at Angell Capital Management can help you withdraw and use your returns in a tax-smart way. This can help reduce the overall taxes you pay and leave more money for enjoyment or further investment.

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Estate Planning

Estate planning is a crucial component in wealth management. Whether it’s planning your estate or the estate of a family member, knowing how valuable assets will be allocated following the passing of the estate holder is important. Estate planning also protects those you care about from bearing a financial burden that is not theirs to carry. If you don’t have your estate planned, your state’s government has a plan that does not take into account your interests or the interests of your family. It’s never too early to start thinking about how you want to pass down your legacy.

Wealth Management Provided by Caring and Qualified Experts

Don’t trust just anyone to manage your wealth and assets. Our fiduciary standard sets us apart from our competitors. Call Angell Capital Management today for experts who want to work with you to reach your financial goals.