Educational Seminars

From learning the basics of investing to exploring more in-depth financial subject matter, the team at Angell Capital Solutions can cover a wide array of topics that help students and employees better understand the options available to them – and most importantly, how to achieve their financial goals.

Why Educational Seminars from Angell Capital Management?
Our interactive seminars are not just there to benefit the participants, but also to benefit those hosting the seminar. As an employer, you are offering your employees valuable insight Рand increasing your company’s retention rates by showing employees you care.

Our seminars start first by a representative from Angell Capital Management coming to you to meet with the key personnel involved in the event. During the initial meeting we will discuss which topics you want presented, the logistics of presenting those topics, and establish and date and time for the seminar. We can even discuss the idea of creating a seminar series – so that you can expose your employees to financial seminars on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

It is our goal to educate and empower individuals through our informative seminars. We want them to learn how to take control of their finances, become financially sound, and reach their goal of financial independence.

Topics We Cover

  • Personal Finances – From establishing financial goals to creating a strategy that helps you meet those goals.
  • Retirement Planning – From finding retirement income sources to effectively managing investments to understanding retirement accounts and how to work them in your benefit.
  • Tax Planning – Including incentives, tax credits and understanding the latest state and federal tax laws as well as developing a strategy to reduce tax liability in the future.
  • Investment Management and Planning – We teach about assessing your existing portfolio, how to look for risks and mitigate them, allocating assets to align with your investment goals and managing investments to ensure higher returns.
  • Charity and Education – From finding ways to save for college education now to creating strategies for giving back to the community.

Schedule an Educational Seminar with Angell Capital Solutions
Contact us to setup your initial consultation regarding a seminar for your school, company or group. We are here to empower your employees, students and members with financial advice they can implement from the moment they leave our seminar.

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