Asset Allocation Design

Is your current portfolio really working for you?

If you cannot answer that, then it is time for a revamp in your existing investments. Angell Capital Management’s asset allocation design service in St. Louis focuses on creating a long-term strategic road map that can tolerate risks and bring hearty rewards.

We work closely with you to help you discover your financial goals and after performing an analysis of your existing cash flow, liabilities and returns, we devise a plan that is carefully correlated with your goals to work consistently for you year after year.

No Conflicts, No Gimmicks – Just Real Advice
We work as a financial partner and our staff is here to serve you. The recommendations we make are focused solely on meeting your goals while maintaining the lowest possible amount of risk. We have strict impartiality, because we are not paid on commission for any investment we recommend in your asset allocation design.

Our team offers our industry expertise in asset allocation practices and trends including:

  • Investing in real assets – real estate, infrastructure and commodities
  • Finding alternative investments – private equity or hedge funds
  • Focusing on liability-driven investment strategies
  • Understanding and fully disclosing the ramifications and risks associated with each investment

Our Advice is Customized Over the Long-Term
The asset allocation advice you receive from us is tailored to your exact needs and the scope of your financial goals. We work with you as if you are our only client and meet with you regularly to review allocations and adjust as necessary. We feel that constantly fine-tuning asset allocations in accordance with the market is the only way to ensure long-term returns – regardless of how the market is doing.

Meet With Us to Create Your Asset Allocation Design
In order for us to create the perfect allocation, we must first understand your attitude toward risk and your current financial situation. Meet with Angell Capital Management today for an in-depth consultation. We have limited clientele spots available, so call us now at 636-896-8000 or contact us online to get started.