Services from Angell Capital Management

You need more from an accounting firm than tax assistance – you need a well-rounded list of services that take your finances to the next level and even plan ahead for those unexpected moments.

At Angell Capital Management, our financial advisors in St. Louis offer services that help determine more than just taxes – they help you plan out your entire future.

Whether you are looking for retirement guidance or want to give to charity, let our team of experts help you improve every aspect of your financial well-being.

Services Offered by Angell Capital Management
Our services are customized to our clients and constantly grow to accommodate your ever-changing lifestyle.

Portfolio Analysis

Don’t guess what you have working for you in your investment portfolio – let our experts help. We devise a strategy for your investments, and then we determine if your portfolio holdings are worth keeping and modify what is necessary to maximize your return. Learn More

Asset Allocation Design

We take a modern approach to portfolio design. Our team analyzes asset classes and looks for a hearty combination of traditional assets, alternative assets and more. We create a portfolio that is as unique and sophisticated as you are – and most importantly, successful.

Investment Management

Let our investment team in St. Louis help bring you substantial wealth. We understand the intricacies of growing and protecting your investments and with our investment management service, we take into account your needs, objectives and risks to monitor and grow your investments.

Charitable Giving Planning

Our insight helps you uncover more ways to have an impact and give to charity – from family philanthropy to grant offerings and more.

Retirement Planning

Ensure a long-term sound financial future with the retirement planning services from Angell Capital Management. We work closely with you to anticipate your needs for retirement and ensure you enjoy the Golden years with a more than comfortable nest egg.

Tax Planning

No one looks forward to tax season, but with the tax planning services offered by our professionals, we create long-term strategies that minimize just how much in taxes you pay. From individual planning to trusts, corporations, partnerships, and more, we can help.

College Funding Strategies

Provide your children with the opportunity for higher education and let our team help you utilize one of numerous strategies for finding and securing funding.

Educational Seminars

Let the financial experts here in St. Louis come to your office, school or local program and teach essential financial planning and offer real-life solutions.

Let Us Help You Today
To get started, speak with a staff member at Angell Capital Management at 636-896-8000 or contact us online with your questions. We offer no obligation consultations to discuss your financial future and help tailor our services to meet your goals.