Portfolio Management

Our Portfolio Construction, Analysis and Management Services

One of the important services we offer at Angell Capital Management is working with our clients’ investment portfolios. Professional management of your investment portfolio means an expert in the industry will treat this crucial component of your financial future with care.

What is Portfolio Construction?

Portfolio construction is the process by which a financial advisor puts together a group of investment opportunities on behalf of a client. There are several factors that go into portfolio construction including intimate knowledge of the industry, making sure the investment opportunities are in line with the risk-tolerance and time horizon of the clients, and additionally, an understanding relevant tax policies.

Our dedicated and qualified team at Angell Capital Management believes in building client-focused relationships to best serve in a financial fiduciary role instead of moving to less personal and more automated forms of communication or financial planning. A good portfolio construction partner, like Angell Capital Management, will utilize various strategies based on the unique risk-tolerance and financial situation of each client. Portfolios will be structured in a cost-effective, tax-efficient, and total-return oriented method. However, each portfolio construction approach is individually tailored to match our clients’ individual situations.

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What is Portfolio Management?

Portfolio management is the process by which our team of financial experts monitors and access your portfolio on an ongoing basis to provide the best outcome for our clients. We regularly analyze all aspects of your portfolio include projected returns, risk, timelines, and current and projected market activity. We also communicate routinely with our clients to make sure the portfolio is still well-suited for their risk profile and time horizon.

Our Portfolio Construction and Management Process

At Angell Capital Management, our clients are actively involved in the portfolio construction process. Like everything we do, this is a face-to-face process. It is important that our clients understand how a suggested portfolio can perform in both good and bad times. This conversation results in a portfolio that balances a client’s tolerance for risk with their need for reward Once a suggested portfolio is implemented for a client, we use a timely review process that lets investors see a detailed breakdown and thorough analysis of their investment portfolio. These face-to-face meetings provide a forum for us to listen to our clients. We can learn about changes in their lives which might not be considered in their investment profile. This process combines our years of expertise with statistics to create an easy-to-read, in-depth report.

With portfolio analysis services offered by Angell Capital Management, our clients truly understand the rewards and potential risk of their current portfolio.

Finding the Right Strategy Takes Teamwork

We feel that creating the right mix in your investment portfolio starts with a strategic partnership. Angell Capital Management’s portfolio analysis team will keep you actively involved in making investment decisions and understanding what you are investing in. We assess your financial situation, offer up suggestions and help you create the right investment strategy.


Here’s what you can expect at your analysis appointment:

You Take a Test and Tell Us Your Time Horizon

Angell Capital Management uses cutting edge tools to help their professionals get a better understanding of how you view risk and reward. This “test” is a short on that you don’t need to study for. This should be easy enough. Simply tell us how long you are investing for – retirement, college or you just want a preponderance of wealth. We’ll take those goals and identify which accounts should be included within that plan and which investments are pulling you further from your goals. Because we have no commitments with investment firms, you can rest assured that our suggestions are based on our experience – not a pending commission.

Create the Right Mix of Investments

From here, we explore various asset mixes and potential returns to help establish the best mix of investments that line up with your goals.

Our analysis compares your existing portfolio to what we think is better suited for your goals and risk tolerance. Our portfolio construction and investment management can also spill into our other comprehensive services, such as wealth management or financial planning. But, in order for us to first manage or even design the right plan, we need to analyze where you are currently.

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